About Me

Hi, I’m Beth, a Canadian in London, and welcome to Gingersnap Travels!

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Gingersnap Travels is a blog inspired by my love of travel, food, photography, and of course, being a ginger 😉

London is a city full of expats from all over the world, and I am one of them! In Sept 2016, I finished a two year working holiday in London, and returned home to Toronto. But I think it’s safe to say that part of me never really left London. After spending a year and a half in Toronto, I have recently come back to London to make it my permanent home!

So, why Gingersnap Travels?

When I first moved back to Toronto after my working holiday in the UK, I had a HUGE backlog of photos, but I wasn’t sure how to best share them with everyone. Facebook albums are a bit 2007, and printing them all out would have cost me a small fortune. That’s when I thought, “what if I could combine my passion for photography, travelling, and helping people plan trips into one magical medium?” Well, that magical medium turned out to be Gingersnap Travels – A Travel Blog With a Hint of Ginger Zest!

When I first started Gingersnap Travels, I intended to provide readers with travel tips and tricks based on my own experiences. While I still continue to do this, I also aim to give you a glimpse into the ups and downs of moving to London, and what it’s like to live here as an expat.

By sharing my experiences with you – both from my worldly travels and from my everyday life in London –  I hope to give you some insight into why I love to travel so much, and instil in you the guts to do something fearless like, I don’t know, move to England or something!

My bucket list of destinations continues to grow every time I open my Instagram newsfeed, so I hope you’ll follow along my adventures as I start ticking places off my list!

xx Beth


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